Saturday, October 31, 2009

In the Streets on Halloween There's Something Going On: 5 Essential Metal Songs for 10/31

October 31st, regardless of its origins as a holiday, has come to be a night associated with evil. Heavy metal is also a place where Lucifer is typically lauded, so the two have converged with some awesome tunes over the past forty years. What this is that stands before you is a list of the five greatest Halloween heavy metal songs of all time, because top five lists are fun and easy to wrap your head around.

5. Slayer- "Altar of Sacrifice" (1986)

4. King Diamond- "Halloween" (1986)

3. Iron Maiden- "The Number of the Beast" (1982)

2. Mercyful Fate- "At the Sound of the Demon Bell" (1983)

1. Helloween- "Halloween" (1987)

My apologies that the Helloween song is the lame video edit, check out the thirteen minute version as well. And I'm leaving out lots of songs, since there's plenty of awesome metal songs about grim grinning ghosts and satanic rituals, so call me out on it. What songs would you have included?

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